21st Century Criminals


No matter how things justify and try, there’s not any explanation for owning images or engaging in such vile actions. This really is a part of our society which has become a global industry with tens of thousands of dollars on. Because, it is the most vulnerable that are being exploited, the sole way to prevent this perpetuating, is to block the need for it. While we are living in a state where dobbing or “whistleblowing” has not looked upon very favorably, I feel we all understand that we have a basic obligation to safeguard people who cannot otherwise defend themselves.

Only today, instead of seeking management of actual casinos, “gangsters” have been extorting money from virtual casinos that are the fastest growing industry of betting. The first wave of risks came together with cyber-mafia using spam attacks to slow betting websites. The signature weapon of choice is currently Denial of Service attacks as online betting sites are bombarded with orders making it into the stage of a meltdown. This non-violent form the activity and apparently faceless has struck home for a lot of people in the area in recent months. With films such as Oceans 11, the notion of robbing a casino looks romantic and nearly potential. Many individuals are taken into custody and several computers.

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